Saturday, October 02, 2010

Endhiran almost there, but not there

(Spoiler alert)

Back from Endhiran... It was like two movies in one. The first half had a taut script, It had Indian standard CG, Sujatha's intelligent writing being very visible (Fallibility of Inference Engines, Prime number, etc). It had "the pulse"... Second half was witless,trivial and long, It had Rajini's excellent performance and painstakingly created incredible CG, but it didn't have "it".

A R Rahman's work was unremarkable. Songs as MP3s worked in the context of being Rajini movie songs. But BGM doesn't work. Can't remember any other movie in the past where AR Rahman's BGM not adding anything to a movie.

In summation, what could have been coming up of age of Indian cinema ends up being just a valiant effort. Sujatha being alive to write the whole movie could have made all the difference...long live him.

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authentic_blogger said...

yet to watch the movie...